How ArKay Works

The calming effect of ArKay is due to a combination of the main active ingredients in the formula (known as W.A.RM)

ArKay contains a small molecule which sends stimuli to the brain when it makes contact with your tongue. The illusion operates, and the mucous membranes of smell and taste saturate and thus mimics the experience of drinking alcohol.

Side Effects & Safety Of Drinking ArKay

No Hangovers

One of the big benefits of drinking ArKay instead of alcohol is that it will not overly dehydrate your body or fill it with the toxins that lead to headaches and hangovers. ArKay won’t impair your cognitive abilities and mental clarity in the same way that alcohol does.


ArKay has been proven to be non-addictive. Unlike other substances, drinking ArKay is not habit forming and you will not build up a tolerance to the effects of drinking ArKay, causing you to need to drink more each time. In fact, the exact opposite has been shown. The beneficial effects of a drink of ArKay can be felt even more when it is drunk on subsequent occasions. This is because of the distinctive way that ArKay affects the brain.

ArKay Culture

Over the past six years, the popularity of ArKay has been increasing worldwide as more and more people discover the benefits of drinking ArKay. Numerous Arkay bars and alcohol free liquor shops will open soon in the U.S and worldwide.