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Available in bars, nightclubs and stores globally, ArKay is fast becoming the name on everyone’s lips as the go-to non alcoholic drink. ArKay Beverages has achieved the perfect drink.

Be a part of a company which takes its social and global responsibility very seriously, and has made vast efforts to market and cater to all clients who for religious, medical or personal reasons do not consume alcohol.

Be a part of the brand that makes drinking non-non-alcoholic drinks, fun!

Adding specialty non-alcoholic drinks has a few benefits for your business:

  • Your bar stands out from the competition.
  • Your reputation as a trendsetter is cemented.
  • Your sober customers will feel understood, and appreciate the consideration.
  • Refined non-alcoholic drinks will get crowds talking to their friends and acquaintances.
  • It’s an excuse to play with presentation techniques to encourage photo sharing on social media.

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We are  team of amazing people striving to build a culture of safe and responsible drinking with our extensive range of Non-alcoholic spirits for anyone to drink anytime. 

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