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Alcohol Free Vodka

The world’s first alcohol free flavored drink is specifically targeted for all consumers who would like to enjoy the exceptional taste, but cannot drink or should not drink for either medical reasons or religious beliefs. ArKay tastes and looks exactly like traditional vodka. It is suitable for drinking straight up or in your favorite cocktail. […]

Alcohol Free Gin

The world’s first non-alcoholic spirits ARKAY is presenting the world’s first Non Alcoholic Gin  which is not made from distillation or fermentation. Arkay GIN does not contain any fat, carb, sugar, and has 0 % alcohol however it contains 0.01 % capsaicin which is an antioxidant. Gin is a spirit which derives its predominant flavour from juniper berries (Juniperus communis). From its earliest origins in the Middle […]

Alcohol Free Whisky

The World’s First Non-Alcoholic Whisky Flavored Drink, ArKay Has Been Rapidly Gaining Popularity And Is Pleased To Launch This Truly Unique And Innovative Drink To Consumers World-Wide Looking For An Alcohol-Free Beverage Alternative. ArKay Non-Alcoholic, Whisky-Flavored Drink Is For EVERYONE And Can Be Enjoyed ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! Are You The DESIGNATED DRIVER? ArKay Can Be Consumed […]

Salud Y Calidad de Vida Con el Dr. Carlos Cruz programa de radio exclusivo

Arkay Beverages presenta su programa de radio exclusivo: “Salud Y Calidad de Vida” destinado a ofrecer la mejor información en prevención en materia de salud, calidad de vida y lucha en contra del alcoholismo. Con el Dr. Carlos Cruz, Médico especialista en comunicación educativa.   MIÉRCOLES 2 de Mayo 2018 : MIÉRCOLES 25 de Abril […]

Crazy Guy!? Not Really ;-)


2 Guys in Laredo…

Arkay drink is a safe derivate of capsaicin

 ArKay Alcohol-free has been approved by EEC regulators! The drink has been developed as an alternative to alcohol, removing the risks of hangovers, liver damage and loss of control. ArKay was created by Reynald Vito Grattagliano, an American genius who, in 2007, came up with the idea to use capsaicin to reproduce the kick and […]

Arkay Licores Sin Alcohol

Arkay Alcohol-Free Liquors

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