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Learn the Difference Between Alcohol-Free Spirits Flavored Drink and Distilled Alcohol-Free Spirits

Learn the difference between alcohol-free spirits flavored drinks and distilled alcohol-free spirits and determine why it’s important to choose an alcohol-free alternative with zero percent alcohol.

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0% Alchohol , 0% Sugar , 0% Carbs

Do you want to enjoy your drink without the risk of a hangover, or perhaps you are the designated driver, but don’t want to only drink water all night. Or for medical reasons or religious beliefs, you don’t drink alcohol. ArKay Beverages is the answer!

ArKay, the world’s first alcohol free liquor, and is now available in South Africa. ArKay gives you the same feeling as drinking alcohol would, but with none of the side effects. By sending a stimulus to your brain, it creates the illusion that you are drinking alcohol, when the non alcoholic liquor touches your tongue.

It is the healthier, safer choice and is for everyone. ArKay gives you the freedom to still enjoy a night out; it gives you the chance to enjoy delicious non alcoholic cocktails while pregnant or allows you to still maintain your healthy lifestyle as it contains 0% Alcohol, 0% Calories, 0% Carbs 0% Sugar, 0% sweetener. It is gluten-free, and vegan friendly and Halaal friendly.

Safety of drinking ArKay

No Hangovers

One of the benefits of drinking ArKay instead of alcohol is that it will not overly dehydrate your body or fill it with the toxins that lead to headaches and hangovers.


ArKay has been proven to be non-addictive. Unlike other substances drinking ArKay is not habit forming and you will not build up a tolerance to the effects

No Drunk Driving

ArKay won’t impair your cognitive abilities and mental clarity in the same way that alcohol does, as you knock back a few and drive home with no fear

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We are  team of amazing people striving to build a culture of safe and responsible drinking with our extensive range of Non-alcoholic spirits for anyone to drink anytime. 

ArKay Zero Proof Spirits

The best way to experience our wide collection of Alcohol Free Liquor is to visit the store to choose the most enticing flavour to satisfy your pallet.


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